Proclaim Lismore Parents

Proclaim Lismore is an exciting collaborative journey to enhance and strengthen the Catholic life in our schools. This year, our parents are invited to join our teachers and staff in this once-in-a-generation opportunity.

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Message from the Catholic Schools Office

David Condon

Director of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Lismore, David Condon

I’d like to welcome all parents and caregivers of students in parish schools to Proclaim Lismore Parents 2014. 

You may or may not have heard the word Proclaim from teachers over the last year or so. Proclaim is an exciting new direction in Catholic education. Last year, 2,200 teachers and staff in the Diocese of Lismore came together to start looking at ways we can build a stronger Catholic future for our young people.  We called this Proclaim Lismore 2013.

We’ve recognised that the world our students are growing up in is one that’s very different to what we experienced. We all face the challenges that this fast-paced, globalised and technology-driven world brings. Parents and caregivers also deal with more complex demands on their lives than in previous times – we have less time, greater financial pressures, evolving technologies, more distractions and moral minefields to guide students through. These realities have also impacted on the Christian way of life for us and our children.

To offer your child the best opportunities for a well-educated and meaningful life we need to work together as a community – as family, school and parish.  

Proclaim Lismore 2014 is an unprecedented opportunity to join with us as partners in co-designing an even stronger and more effective Catholic schooling for each child – intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We’d like to invite you to take the first steps with us on this adventure. In October, we’ll be holding Proclaim Lismore Parents gatherings and you’ll hear more about these over the coming months. You’ll also be receiving e-bulletins and other forms of communication during the year and we’ll be looking for your ideas on how we can respond to the challenges facing our children. 

We need your help to co-design a stronger Catholic education for a new generation of students.

Please join the conversation of Proclaim Parents 2014.

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